Thank you to all those who have submitted to us in 2018.   

2019 submissions are now open We will only be accepting nonfiction titles at the moment.


   1) Please DO NOT send manuscript or any attachments.  Please send us a QUERY ONLY via email with the following information:

   2) Title and description of your work ( Topic, specific information on research, sources, and comparison to other published books related to your subject material, photo permissions. A description of your target audience (undergraduate or graduate students? scholars? professionals?).

3) Is your project completed ? If not, estimated date of completion.  Please indicate  whether any part of your manuscript has been published previously, and if it is a doctoral dissertation, what changes you are proposing to prepare it for publication.

4) Length of work ( Pages / estimated word count / illustration and picture count.

 5) Curriculum vitae or resume:  what qualifies you to write the book you are proposing? Please include affiliations and, if possible, brief resumes for each of the contributors and/or peer reviewers that will help us with our decision

6) An indication of whether the manuscript is under consideration by other publishers.

7) Please be brief.  Our staff will contact you if we need further information.   We will render a decision on a contract within four months if we decide to publish your book.

Please send to

**Please  Note**  Due to the large amount of submissions we received in 2018, failure to follow the above questions may disqualify your submission.  If you have a question regarding the above requirements  please contact us.

Thank you very much for your submission !!