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Gettysburg Publishing was founded by Kevin Drake in 2011.  It was born to remember all who fought in the most famous battle in the American Civil War, the Battle of Gettysburg.    We publish historical books on US and world military conflicts. 

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Storming the Wheatfield



THIS GRIPPING NARRATIVE is an in-depth study of the valiant men of General John Caldwell’s Union Division during the Gettysburg Campaign. Caldwell’s Division made a desperate stand against a tough and determined Confederate force in farmer George Rose’s nearly 20-acre Wheatfield. Ready for harvest, the infamous Wheatfield would change hands nearly six times in the span of two hours of fighting on July 2, 1863, becoming a trampled, bloody, no-man’s land for thousands of wounded soldiers. 

Smith’s Storming the Wheatfield goes deep into the lives of the soldiers to evoke a personal connection. We reflect on the famed Irish Brigade and its brave charge on Stoney Hill with its green flag carried aloft on the afternoon of July 2nd. 

We follow a young man from Washington County, Pennsylvania, who would meet his end near the Wheatfield and have his grave forever marked in stone. Colonel Edward Cross’s black bandana and his haunting premonition of death fills our minds as we tread the same ground the division trekked over 150 years ago.

Our Four Legged friends




Our Mascot, Bentley


This is our mascot at Gettysburg Publishing, his name is Bentley.    

Look for Bentley when we conduct  our  fundraisers with animal rescue groups.

Sallie the Dog

Sallie the Dog at Gettysburg

This is Sallie on the 11th PA monument and Bentley's hero.   At the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1st, 1863 the men of the 11th Pa and their little mascot fought hard against the Confederate Army before retreating from their position. They discovered that their faithful friend was not to be found amongst them after relocating away from the heavy fighting  . Days later, after the Confederate retreat, she was found laying amongst the fallen soldiers from the first day’s conflict, just barely alive herself she faithfully stayed behind and never left her comrades, even as the Confederate Army passed by.  Sallie was a canine hero at the battle.

Please make a point of visiting Sallie on your next visit to Gettysburg.

Animal Rescue


Bentley was a rescue, like his brother and two sisters that are now part of the owners family.  Gettysburg Publishing and its authors are staunch supporter's of animal rescue causes, just like Bentley, we believe all animals should have a loving home. 


If you have a place in your home and family, please visit your local pound or rescue shelter and adopt a new best friend.

It worked for me........

Kevin Drake


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