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Gettysburg Publishing was founded by Kevin Drake in 2011.  It was born to remember all who fought in the most famous battle in the American Civil War, Gettysburg.    We publish historical books on US and world military conflicts.

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Erin Go Bragh
Human interest stories of the Irish in the American Civil War

Newest Release

Erin Go Bragh

Erin Go Bragh. Anglicized from the Gaelic phrase for “Ireland Forever.” In the mid-19th century, the slogan was particularly popular among many Irish immigrants who had moved to the United States for political or personal reasons, yet maintained their strong familial, social, and often nationalistic ties to the old Emerald Isle. Tens of thousands of Irish-born men (and a handful of women) and an even larger number of Irish and Scots-Irish descendants fought in the Civil War, with Sons of Erin serving prominently in both the Union and Confederate armies. Many left compelling personal stories of their martial service, or of Irish comrades.

Multiple award-winning author Scott Mingus has teamed with long-time living historian and Civil War buff Gerard Mayers to present more than 150 of the best of these stories. Here, in this unique collection, readers will find interesting or unusual tales of courage, boldness, and/or humor. Many have rarely been seen in print since their original publication more than a century ago. They have been condensed and reworded for the modern reader, and the original sources have been cited. This anthology also includes brief biographies of several leading Irish soldiers and personalities, including Patrick Cleburne, Father William Corby, James Shields, Michael Corcoran, and the incomparable Thomas Francis Meagher of the famed Irish Brigade.

Recent Releases




Jennie Wade of Gettysburg


By Cindy L. Small

Mary Virginia “Jennie” Wade. Jennie was the only Gettysburg civilian to be killed outright during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Read more about this kind soul of the battlefield..


Gettysburg's Coster Avenue


 Gettysburg’s Coster Avenue: The Brickyard Fight and the Mural, Dunkelman tells the little-known story of the battle that inspired the mural and the saga of how the painting came to be and its several permutations. Published on the mural’s thirtieth anniversary, this book includes more than fifty photographs, many in color and previously unpublished, a map, and source notes to the text. 

Gettysburg’s Coster Avenue is the definitive account of this much admired public artwork, told by the mural’s creator in his own words.

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This is our mascot at Gettysburg Publishing, his name is Bentley.    

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Sallie the Dog

Sallie the Dog at Gettysburg

This is Sallie on the 11th PA monument and Bentley's hero.   At the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1st, 1863 the men of the 11th Pa and their little mascot fought hard against the Confederate Army before retreating from their position. They discovered that their faithful friend was not to be found amongst them after relocating away from the heavy fighting  . Days later, after the Confederate retreat, she was found laying amongst the fallen soldiers from the first day’s conflict, just barely alive herself she faithfully stayed behind and never left her comrades, even as the Confederate Army passed by.  Sallie was a canine hero at the battle.

Please make a point of visiting Sallie on your next visit to Gettysburg.

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Bentley was a rescue, like his brother and two sisters that are now part of the owners family.  Gettysburg Publishing and its authors are staunch supporter's of animal rescue causes, just like Bentley, we believe all animals should have a loving home. 


If you have a place in your home and family, please visit your local pound or rescue shelter and adopt a new best friend.

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